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Who We Are

Nanaimo Travellers Lodge (NTL) is operated by the Nanaimo Travellers Lodge Society, a non-profit organization and a registered charity (charity #130520562 RR 0001).

General Case Brochure

Learn more about NTL and what makes us different. Download our general case brochure.

Mission Statement

Nanaimo Travellers Lodge greatly improves the lives of dementia sufferers by combating the three plagues of loneliness, helplessness and boredom. NTL's enriched, safe environment helps to provide residents and day program participants with full and abundant lives.

Vision Statement

Nanaimo Travellers Lodge is committed to becoming the centre of excellence for dementia on Central Vancouver Island - a "Home" with active links to the community.

Values Statement

Nanaimo Travellers Lodge/Eden Gardens primary focus is to ensure Elders who live in our Home enjoy the best possible quality of life in addition to the standard necessities of shelter, food, companionship, spirituality, safety and the right of choice. We take pride in fostering a philosophy of care that engages the Elders, their families, the community and all levels of the organization in creating an environment that embodies caring and interacting with other living things, spontaneity and joyful moments. We are committed to and accountable for treating those in our Home with compassion, respect, honesty, and integrity. We strive to continuously improve our Elders' lives and ourselves through learning, listening and engaging in open and honest communication.

Our Elders

About 45 new residents come to NTL each year. The average age of our Elders in residence is between 80 and 85 years although much younger people have also lived with us. The average length of stay at the facility is one and a half years. With so few dedicated dementia beds available in the community, NTL is working with Elders who are older when admitted and who have more complex dementia care needs, and who, consequently, require more specialized services once admitted. NTL has three busy Adult Day Programs that run Monday to Friday, Daybreak, Stepping Stones and Community Bathing. These programs serve approximately 160 Elders with dementia who are living at home.

Residential Programs

Nanaimo Travellers Lodge offers 90 residential beds for Elders with advanced stages of dementia.

Day Programs

The two Day Programs, Day Break and Stepping Stones operate five days per week. We provide a safe environment which reinforces daily living skills and a social outlet for those who are at the beginning stages of dementia, but who are still able to live at home.

The Community Bathing Program operates five days per week, providing a safe bathing option for about 25 Elders.


Dementia strikes people from all walks of life. NTL is a not-for-profit facility, subsidized by Island Health and private fundraising. The doors to our caring home are open to individuals with dementia based on their needs, not their income level.

All Elders who live at NTL pay for part of their services. The amount each Elder pays is determined by the Ministry of Health and is dependent on their income level from their Income Tax Assessment.

Nanaimo Travellers Lodge
1298 Nelson Street Nanaimo, BC V9S 2K5
(250) 758-4676