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Residential Programs

Nanaimo Travellers Lodge (NTL) is a full-time home to 90 Elders with dementia. The resident Elders have complex dementia care needs and require specialized care. Each Elder receives specialized care that is tailored to their needs and their level of cognitive and physical functioning.

Nanaimo Travellers Lodge is not your typical seniors' facility. We offer genuine, compassionate dementia care thanks to our specially trained, dedicated staff members and our caring volunteers who make the lives of Elders at NTL truly worth living. The Lodge is full of life - from our resident animals, to the daily visitors, to the warm staff - that makes NTL a real home for the Elders.

The Lodge has several residential wings, four of which are named after founding board members-Bonar, Dyde, Lytton and Martin-and the Nelson wing, which is named after the corner on which we are located. The Bonar and Nelson wings are the newest additions to the Lodge and are small, self-contained, secure units. In the Bonar and Nelson wings, each Elder has a private room with ensuite bathroom. All the wings have common rooms and gathering places for social interaction.

NTL incorporates the Eden Philosophy of Care on a daily basis when working with all the Elders. Everyone at NTL is dedicated to eliminating the plagues of loneliness, helplessness and boredom often associated with aging and living in long-term care facilities. NTL staff enrich the lives of residents on a daily basis by introducing variety, spontaneity and diversity into the Elders' lives. These activities help the Elders feel more engaged and stimulated, and help to maintain choice and dignity in their lives.
Nanaimo Travellers Lodge
1298 Nelson Street Nanaimo, BC V9S 2K5
(250) 758-4676