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Funding Priorities

Providing outstanding, compassionate dementia care can be expensive. Nanaimo Travellers Lodge (NTL) needs your help to continue offering a high quality of care to our Elders. Our current funding priorities include:

New Dementia Care Facility - Eden Gardens- Currently Under Construction on Northfield

Our community desperately needs a new dementia care facility. The new facility, to be called Eden Gardens, will replace NTL's aging facility; increase the number of residential beds from 90 to 130; and, expand the space for the Community Bathing program and other vital day programs that help to keep people with dementia living in their homes for as long as possible.

Music, Art and Horticultural Therapies

Music, art and horticulture provide creative and safe outlets for the emotions that we all have but that people with dementia are often not able to verbally express. These activities are not 'crafts' but important therapeutic tools that allow Elders and therapists to deal with issues such as frustration and anger. They also encourage pride of accomplishment within our Elders.

Food and Veterinary Care for our Pets

Chances are that one of our family of pets will be the first to greet you when entering the building. Pets are part of what makes a house a home. Pets offer laughter, unconditional love and a constant ear with whom to share your feelings, as well as interaction and stimulation. Help us provide food and veterinary care for our assortment of birds, fish, rabbit and cats.

Day Programs Equipment & Supplies

The three day programs - Stepping Stones, Daybreak and the Community Bathing Program - allow approximately 155 people with dementia per month to continue living at home while receiving professional support from the Lodge.
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